Prices and conditions

Prices and conditions

From 9.90 / month

On this site you will find all details concerning prices and conditions of the Kicktipp Professional Account so there will be no unanswered questions.


The monthly price for your professional account depends on the contingent selected. The packages all have the same functions and differ from one another only in the maximum number of players.

Price list for professional accounts
number of players
Price per month
incl. 19% VAT (gross)
Price per month
excl. 19% VAT (gross)
Trial account 10.00 €0.00 €
Contingent 100 1009.90 €8.31 €
Contingent 300 30019.90 €16.72 €
Contingent 1000 100059.90 €50.33 €
Contingent 3000 3000149.90 €125.96 €
Contingent 5000 5000239.90 €201.59 €
Contingent 10000 10000399.90 €336.05 €
Each additional 10,000 players+ 10000300.00 €252.10 €

Increasing and Decreasing the Contingent

Increase: An increase of the contingent can always be performed online and will be activated immediately. A subsequent bill for the remainder of the ongoing billing period will be calculated for the increase. The amount of the bill is calculated from the difference between the previous and the current contingent. Only the price of the new contingent will be charged for the following billing period.

Decrease: A decrease of the contingent will be immediately activated. However, the contingents not used during the ongoing billing period will not be reimbursed. Only the price of the new contingent will be charged for the following billing period.

Payment Methods

You can pay via direct debit and bank transfer.


The bills will arrive monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually in advance. You will receive the first bill immediately after ordering your professional account.

Bill Distribution

The bills will be sent to you in the mail. We reserve the right to change the distribution method to e-mail traffic and offer you additional access to the bills in the administrator area of your professional account.

Your bills are of course pre-tax-deductible as long as the preconditions are met on your site.

Minimum Term of Contract

The minimum term of contract is only one month, so you will not enter any long-term obligation.


Should you wish to cancel, you can do so easily and transparently in the administrator area of your professional account. Of course you can also cancel in writing by mail at any time.

You can cancel your account at any time effective at the end of the billing period. No notice period is required for cancellation.

Any further questions on the professional account? Contact us! We'll be glad to help.