Prices and conditions

From 9.90 / month

On this site you will find all details concerning prices and conditions of the Kicktipp Professional Account so there will be no unanswered questions.


The monthly price for your professional account depends on the contingent selected. The packages all have the same functions and differ from one another only in the maximum number of players.

Maximum number of playersPrice per month
Trial account 10.00 €
Contingent 1009.90 €
Contingent 30019.90 €
Contingent 100059.90 €
Contingent 3000149.90 €
Contingent 5000239.90 €
Contingent 10000399.90 €
Each additional 10,000300.00 €

All prices already include 19% VAT

Changing the contingent

You can increase your contingent at any time online and is available immediately. There will be a follow-up bill for increased contingent for the rest of the current billing period.

The contingent will be reduced immediately. However, you will not be reimbursed for the unused contingent of the current billing period.


The minimum term is 3 months. The term is automatically extended unless you have cancelled.


You are only billed for tipping games currently running. A tipping game begins with the first game and ends with the last game.

Sending bills

Bills are sent by email or by mail. Our bills are VAT deductible.

Payment methods

You can pay by direct debit or by bank transfer.


You can cancel online at any time. No notice period is required for cancellation. Amounts already billed will not be reimbursed, though.

Any further questions on the professional account? Contact us! We’ll be happy to help.