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The most important things to know about the professional package:

What is the professional package? A prediction game that you can use in your very own website!


With the professional package you can, easily integrate prediction games into your own website. As quickly as today you can enrich your website with individual prediction games. The prediction game can also be customised to fit into the design of your website.

Structure and design of the tipping community


Choose your favourite design from our ready-made templates.

Then you can customize the design according to your requirements: upload your company logo and change the colour settings. You can easily change many settings with our design editor.

Experts will of course have the option to edit the complete source code of a design template.

The result: the user interface of your tipping community reflects the look & feel of your organisation.

Can I try this?

Test Account

Yes, you can try our professional account for free and without obligations!

Just order our test package. This will give you access to all functions. There is no time limit, and there are no obligations.

What does a professional account cost?

From 9.90 / month
Maximum number of playersPrice per month
Trial account 10.00 €
Contingent 1009.90 €
Contingent 30019.90 €
Contingent 100059.90 €
Contingent 3000149.90 €
Contingent 5000239.90 €
Contingent 10000399.90 €
Each additional 10,000300.00 €

All prices already include 19% VAT

That depends on the number of players meant to participate in your community. The accounts all have the same functions and only differ from one another in the maximum amount of players.

Of course you can increase your account at any time. You can thus begin with a small account and increase your contingent as needed.

All about our prices and contract modalities here:


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