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Group APPtsGoalsDiffwdl
1FC Arsenal379:18210
2Paris St. Germain377:25210
3FC Basel311:6-5012
4PFC Ludogorets Razgrad312:10-8012
Group BPPtsGoalsDiffwdl
1SSC Neapel368:62201
2Besiktas Istanbul355:41120
3Benfica Lissabon345:50111
4Dynamo Kiew312:5-3012
Group CPPtsGoalsDiffwdl
1FC Barcelona3913:112300
2Manchester City347:70111
3Bor. Mönchengladbach333:6-3102
4Celtic Glasgow313:12-9012
Group DPPtsGoalsDiffwdl
1Atletico Madrid393:03300
2FC Bayern München369:27201
3PSV Eindhoven313:7-4012
4FK Rostow312:8-6012
Group EPPtsGoalsDiffwdl
1AS Monaco354:31120
2Tottenham Hotspur342:20111
3Bayer 04 Leverkusen333:30030
4ZSKA Moskau323:4-1021
Group FPPtsGoalsDiffwdl
1Borussia Dortmund3710:37210
2Real Madrid379:45210
3Sporting Lissabon334:40102
4Legia Warschau301:13-12003
Group GPPtsGoalsDiffwdl
1Leicester City395:05300
2FC Kopenhagen345:23111
3FC Porto343:30111
4FC Brügge301:9-8003
Group HPPtsGoalsDiffwdl
1Juventus Turin375:05210
2FC Sevilla372:02210
3Olympique Lyon333:21102
4Dinamo Zagreb300:8-8003