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Kicktipp is continuously being developed in order to offer everyone the maximum service in administrating tipping games and communities. This site contains news on all innovations and reports on any problems and errors:

Double players

Formerly, one could register several players with one and only login. This is not possible anymore, because of technical reasons. Hence, some players will be deleted when you restart the prediction community, if they did not register with a unique e-Mail address. Nevertheless, nearly everybody has got an own e-Mail address or can create one for free. The administrator can also create new members in the "Administration of members" and "Submit predictions retroactively". Please send us a service request if you have any question.

Mobile app

Download our mobile application on the Android, iOS or Windows store. You'll be able to set notifications for prediction reminders and predict wherever you are. https://www.kicktipp.fr/info/ueberuns/app