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1SC Freiburg347275:39362266
2RB Leipzig346754:32222077
31. FC Nürnberg346568:41271987
4FC St. Pauli345345:39615811
5VfL Bochum345156:401613129
61. FC Union Berlin344956:506131011
7Karlsruher SC344735:37-2121111
8Eintracht Braunschweig344644:386121012
9SpVgg Greuther Fürth344649:55-613714
101. FC Kaiserslautern344549:47212913
111. FC Heidenheim 1846344542:402111211
12Arminia Bielefeld344238:39-18188
13SV Sandhausen -3*344040:50-1012715
14Fortuna Düsseldorf343532:47-159817
15TSV 1860 München343432:46-1481016
16MSV Duisburg343232:54-2271116
17FSV Frankfurt343233:59-268818
18SC Paderborn 07342828:55-2761018

The values marked represent penalty points that have already been deducted from the points total in the table (but not from the home and away tables)