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World cup tipping game

Nothing beats a World Cup tipping game for entertainment in all social circles, clubs and companies. Even avowed enemies of football will take up scarves and cheer their team on to the title - and themselves for being a tipster, of course.

Here are some pieces of advice for all those wishing to create a tipping game for the World Cup 2014:

1: Create your tipping community and select World Cup 2014 as the prediction game

Start your tipping community on time, i.e. at least 3 weeks prior to the first match, and invite your friends and colleagues to join it. Advice for Creating a tipping community.

If you choose the World Cup 2014 as your prediction game on Kicktipp, you will already have a finished tipping game at your disposal and be able to start right in.

2: Predict All Goals or 90-Minute Full Time

On Kicktipp, we generally consider all goals that are scored in a match, including those resulting from extra-time or penalty shoot-outs. After all, not every match ends after 90 minutes. But you can change this rule to your liking: you can find instructions on how to change your World Cup game to "90-Minute Full Time" in our guidelines 90-Minute Full Time.

3: Specify a Clever Points Rule

In large tournaments such as World or European Cups, the majority of points are won in the group phase. Furthermore, the favourites are often obvious, meaning that tips on outsiders are very unattractive in the case of a static points rule. If your tipping community consists of experienced players, you can switch to a quota rule and perhaps increase the number of points to be gained in the knock-out stages. But take care not to make the rules too complicated. Many players will be tipping for the first time in the context of this tournament.

4: Book a Professional Account for your Company

Does your company have intranet or an external website? Would you like to tip on the World Cup with your colleagues or clients? Then why not book a professional account on Kicktipp, in order to integrate your World Cup game directly into your website.

5: After the World Cup is Before the Premier League

After the World Cup final, you will crown your champion. Naturally, you can also directly continue your tipping community by playing the Premier League - the "Restart" function will allow you to switch your game to the new season with a few clicks. And on it goes...