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Tipping Game for the Premier League

A tipping game for the Premier League makes the weekends that much more fun! Here are some more tops for your Premier League Tipping Game:

Tip 1: Join anytime

Our Premier League Tipping Games do not necessarily start at the beginning of the season; they can start after Christmas or at any other date. Creating a Tipping Community automatically sets up the matches to come.

Please also read our recommendations on creating a tipping community

Tip 2: Top matches from FA Cup or Champions League

Spice up your Premier League tipping game with some matches from FA Cup or international tournaments. The FA-Cup final or CL games with English participation, added to the Premier League, will enrich a tipping community and allow the players to collect precious extra points.

Our Match Calendar allows you to mix up any leagues you wish, even our standard leagues, like Premier League and Championship together with self-created leagues. Almost anything is possible.

Tip 3: Tip on the two halves of the season separately

A league season can be pretty long That also goes for the professionals playing the matches, and at the end of the season players tend to get injured more. This affects your tipping community. Why not create a game on first and second half of the Premier League separately?

That way you can have two winners per season and the unluckiest players will be glad that their accounts are reset after Christmas.

Please read our article Tip on the two halves of the season separately

Last Tip: Just try it and use our tipping community administration. Create a free tipping community and invite your friends.