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Tips on Setting Points Rules

Tips on Setting the Points Rules

The Points Rules on Kicktipp are always set to the following when creating a new tipping community:

Standard Rule
Tendency Goal Difference Result
Home Win 2 3 4
Draw 2 - 4
Away Win 2 3 4

This rule has the advantage of working for all possible tipping communities, no matter whether a tournament, like the World Cup, or another league, like the Primera Division, is being played.

There are some settings, though, which guarantee more fun and thrills:

Recommendation for Leagues with Home Advantage (e.g. Premier League)

In your average football league, like the Premier League, the home team has a distinct statistical advantage. Around 50% of all matches end with a home win, compared to only 25% for both away win and draw (approximate values).

The home advantage should thus be taken into consideration by the points rule. Draws and away wins ought to be more highly rewarded due to the riskiness of such tips.

Otherwise it would make sense to only ever tip on home wins, as this would practically guarantee a quote of 50% correct tendencies. Especially in small tipping communities, such a home-win enthusiast would be very hard to beat.

There are two ways of penalising this strategy:

The modified Rule of Nine is recommended for smaller tipping communities with up to 50 members.

Modified Rule of Nine
Tendency Goal Difference Result
Home Win 2 3 4
Draw 4 - 6
Away Win 4 5 6

In the modified Rule of Nine, draws and away wins are more highly rewarded. Here only the player who gets the most draws and away wins right will win. In this rule, it makes no sense to concentrate on home wins as they yield too few points.

For larger tipping communities with more than 100 players, we recommend a quota rule.

Here the quota from the tips within the community is being calculated. As there are not enough tips in smaller communities, this might lead to unfair distortions.

The quota rule is only recommended if all players are in it with the right amount of enthusiasm and seriousness. A hobby community, meant for laughs, the quota rule can be boring. As the quota is being dynamically recalculated with each placed tip, one would ideally have to recheck ones tips before the deadline and adjust them to the new quota, if needed. Many hobby players would probably prefer not to.

Generally, the rule is: as administrator, do not confuse your players with complex rules. The rules must be understood and implemented by the players. It is thus often a good guideline to keep things simple.

Tip for Tournaments (World Cup and Euro)

In tournaments, there is no immediate home advantage, with the exception of the hosts

For tournaments, it us thus recommended that the standard rule be kept, or a quota rule be set up.

Additionally, one can increase the tension in tournaments by introducing different rules for the group phase and the knock-out stages. As the group phase generally has more matches than the knock-out stages, most of the points would already be allocated before the tipping community enters the phase where it gets interesting.

One can award many more points in the knock-out stages and thus keep the tension up right until the end. One can also increase the points step by step, as the final comes closer.

But attention: The increases should be moderate. After all, the best player is supposed to win, and not only he who has had a few lucky guesses towards the end.