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  • Valuable tips on setting the points rules

    You want to make your tipping community as thrilling as possible and reward risky tips? Read our recommendations on setting the points rules.

  • Better Tipping

    Some useful tips for new players on how to collect more points in one's game.

  • Notes on team challenges

    The administrator can activate team rankings and let players start building teams.

  • Defining one's own league or tournament

    If you want to tip on a minor league division, a league from another sport or a tournament, you will find detailed instructions here, explaining, step by step, how to create your own theme.

  • Defining your own questions

    In addition to the predefined questions, you can define further, individualised questions with very little time and effort.

  • Mix matches from different leagues

    On Kicktipp, you can mix together any matches from different leagues or tournaments freely to form a tipping game, thanks to the tipping calendar.

  • Play the two halves of the season separately?

    After the end of the first half of the season, we would like to reset each player's points to 0 so the second half of the season basically starts over. Is this possible?

  • Join later and transfer standings

    If you have previously managed a tipping community with pen and paper and wish to move to Kicktipp, you can take your previously scored points with you.

  • After penalties or full-time results?

    In tournaments, the question always arises whether the tips apply to the result after 90 (or 120) minutes or if they include a penalty shoot-out. This will explain why we will generally include the penalty shoot-out and how the administrator can change it, if needed.

  • Restarting the Prediction Community

    After the season, you will want to restart the prediction community in order to get on with the next season.

  • Formula 1 Tipping Community

    Kicktipp also offers Formula 1. The following section provides some hints and tips for setting up a Formula 1 tipping community.