Leagues and tournaments

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1Manchester City61818:513600
2Tottenham Hotspur61410:37420
3FC Arsenal61315:78411
4FC Liverpool61316:97411
5FC Everton61310:46411
6Manchester United61212:75402
7Crystal Palace61010:73312
8FC Chelsea61010:91312
9FC Southampton687:61222
9West Bromwich Albion687:61222
11FC Watford6710:11-1213
12Leicester City678:11-3213
13FC Burnley675:8-3213
14Hull City A.F.C.677:12-5213
15AFC Bournemouth674:9-5213
16FC Middlesbrough656:9-3123
17Swansea City645:10-5114
18West Ham United637:16-9105
19FC Stoke City624:15-11024
20AFC Sunderland615:12-7015