Frequently Asked Questions & answers (FAQ) by players

See also: Administrator FAQs
I have forgotten my password.

Please click on "Forgotten Your Password?" when logging in and enter the e-mail address you are registered under on the following site. Your access data will then be sent to you via e-mail.

What is the short-cut for my tipping community?

The short-cut is part of the internet address (URL) of your tipping community: If you are in your tipping community, you can see the short-cut in the dark bar beneath the Kicktipp logo.

I cannot find my tipping community.

Please ask your administrator or one of your fellow members for the complete URL( Should you be unable to reach anyone from your community, please ask the Service team. We will need to know your E-Mail Address and your Player name and also, if possible, some information about the community's name and administrator.

Why do my tips not appear in the tipping overview, even though I just placed them?

The administrator of the tipping community can determine whether the placed tips are made visible to the other players before or only after the lead time has elapsed. If your tips appear in the format -:- in the tipping overview, they have been saved but are not visible to the others. If there is an empty display, no tips have been registered.

Where can I answer questions?

Under "Placing Tips" in the index menu you must select the match day for answering questions (mostly the match day called "Questions". Under "Fixtures", you can see on what match day you must submit your predictions.

If the tipping deadline has already run out, the administrator can enter up the answers, as long as he allows it.

I missed the lead time for placing tips, even though the matches have not started yet.

You can send your tips to the administrator of your tipping community by e-mail or fax. If he is a good sport, he will enter up your tips in the administrator area. He will be able to see whether you have placed your tips before the beginning of the matches at the time he received your e-mail or fax.

What does the column "Wins" in the tipping overview mean?

The "Wins" column in the tipping overview designates the number of match day wins. The value can change in the course of a match day until all the matches have been played. The match day winners are marked in red in the general overview.

The number of match day wins is decisive if players are level on points in the general overview. This column cannot be deactivated. As administrator, one can make ones own rule by announcing in the rules what will happen if two or more players are level on points.

What happens in case of cancelled matches? Will they be rated?

As soon as the postponed date is set, it will be updated by us (for standard themes). Afterwards, the matches are "playable" again, as long as the administrator has determined that the deadline for the matches of a match day runs out individually. The administrator can allocate postponed matches to other (later) match days in the "Match Calendar" or delete them completely, if they are not to be played.

How can I change my password?

You can do so under "My profile"

How can the entries under "Direct Access" be deleted?

You can delete the cookies in the browser, and then the list will be empty again. If you only want to delete the Kicktipp cookie, you must delete the entry in the Windows folder (ideally by using Windows search). In order to only delete certain entries from Direct Access, you must process the Kicktipp cookie with an editor (e.g. Notepad).

See also: Administrator FAQs